Transportation Factoring

Take your existing invoices and turn them into cash.

Get a quote for transportation factoring services with fast approvals and funding, low factoring fees, high advances, and a program tailored to the unique needs of your transportation business.

  • Fees as low as 5% – Ask about volume discounts!
  • High advances with no/low holdbacks
  • FAST funding and approvals
  • Flexible programs tailored to your business – small invoices welcome!

Many different types of businesses in the transportation and trucking industry commonly use invoice factoring to expedite cash flow, including:

  • Trucking companies – trucking fleets of all sizes
  • Independent operators and owner-operators
  • Distributors and supply chain companies
  • Pallet companies
  • Freight brokers
  • Logistics companies

And others – feel free to ask!  Nearly any type of transportation industry business that invoices customers for payment might be able to improve cash flow immediately by factoring invoices. Take the first step and request a no-cost, no-obligation transportation receivables financing proposal today.

Apply to factor and get answers in 24-48 hours or even faster.


Apply and we’ll design a transportation factoring program that aligns with your business goals and preferences.


Speed up cash flow! Go from approval to funding in as little as 24-48 hours — or even faster.


Get fast approvals and advances on factored invoices to expedite cash flow and grow your business faster.

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Speed up cash flow instead of chasing customer payments.

How Transportation Factoring Works

As a transportation factoring company, we fund factored freight bills and other customer invoices within 1-2 days (or sooner) from when they are generated for a small fee (called a factoring fee). Your advance could be as much as 90% of the face value of the invoice, or even higher. Any remaining holdback is then placed in reserve, and returned to you after the invoice has been paid.

As an example, if you billed a customer $12,000 upon completion of a job but you want to access the funds without waiting weeks – or months – for them to pay, assuming a factoring fee of 5%, and an advance rate of 92%, here’s how it might work:

Day 1 – Generate $12,000 freight bill or invoice and factor it
 – 1-2 Days (or Sooner) Receive a 92% advance of $11,040 by wire transfer or ACH
Factoring company earns 5% factoring fee of $600
Day 30+ Receive the $360 holdback after the invoice is paid

*Your transportation factoring fee could be as low as 5% – or even lower – ask about volume discounts!

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What Sets the Best Transportation Factoring Companies Apart

While many transportation factoring companies lock clients in to long-term contracts and monthly minimums, the best transportation factoring companies strive to earn your continued business and referrals, day in and day out. From customer service to terms and conditions, they try to do what is best for their clients, and this affects every aspect of how they do business.

Some of the qualities that set the best transportation factoring companies apart:

  • Low factoring fees and high advances
  • Fast approvals and funding on factored invoices
  • No long term contract requirements
  • No monthly factoring minimums – stay in control and factor only when it’s best for your business
  • Factors invoices of all sizes – including small invoices for smaller fleets
  • Non-recourse transportation factoring to reduce your financial risk from bad debt
  • Consistently delivering prompt, professional customer service
  • No hidden fees or penalties in factoring contracts
  • Credit checks to help you vet new customers
  • No due diligence or application fees

What Do Transportation Factoring Companies Do?

What Transportation Factoring Companies Do

Transportation factoring companies expedite cash flow for organizations that invoice their customers for payment after performing services or delivering goods.

They do this by giving the transportation business an immediate advance on freight bills or other customer invoices they factor in exchange for a small fee (called a factoring fee). The factoring fee is a small discount from the face value of an invoice, which is why this form of financing is also sometimes referred to as invoice discounting (or freight bill factoring).

Freight factoring is an especially useful tool for organizations in transportation and trucking! The faster your trucks can be put back on the road to take on new business, the faster your trucking business can grow. Any time your business has to wait for previous customers to pay to take on future orders, invoice factoring could be the answer!

Transportation factoring expedites cash flow by unlocking working capital that is on the books – but is tied up in customer invoices. In addition, factoring can relieve a business of some (or even all) of it’s invoicing and receivables-related tasks. Transportation companies can focus on growing their organizations instead of chasing down customer payments.

Not sure if factoring would free up working capital for your business? Request a free, no-obligation quote and we’ll reach out with more information to help you determine whether factoring could help your transportation company grow more quickly.

Transportation Factoring Fees From 5%* with High Advances

Comparing top transportation factoring companies to grow your trucking business faster? We can help!

Request a no cost, no obligation transportation factoring quote and get answers in 24-48 hours or even faster. Once approved to factor, get your first funding in just a few days.

We will work with you to design a transportation factoring program that gives your trucking business the low factoring fees, high advances, fast approvals and funding, and flexible options like no long term contracts or factoring minimums, so you can stay in the driver’s seat and do what’s best for your transportation company.

*Fees as low as 5% – or even lower – ask about volume discounts!