Industries that Factor Invoices

All industries that factor invoices benefit from improved cash flow rather than waiting for customer payments. Factoring is a fast and flexible financing solution that allows a company to speed up cash flow, reduce expenses, and grow more quickly. Here are just a few examples:  

And others – request a quick quote to find out how you can join the companies and industries that factor invoices.

Additional Benefits from Factoring Invoices

Factoring is not considered debt because you are selling an asset, the receivable. Your debt-to-income ratios are not affected, so you’re better able to meet bank lending covenants.

Same-day funding is possible once you have established a good working relationship with your factoring provider.

Enjoy the flexibility that factoring provides. Sell your invoices when you need cash flow, or wait for payments when your cash flow meets business demands.

All types of businesses qualify, including those without credit histories or with poor credit histories. The factoring company will assess the creditworthiness of the company paying the invoice instead of the company generating the invoice.