Energy and Oilfield Factoring

Energy, oil and gas industry receivables financing with factoring fees as low as 5% (or even lower) and fast funding on advances up to 95%.

Oilfield services, contractors and companies that commonly use oilfield factoring companies

Just about any type of oil field contractor, supplier, vendor, or oil or energy related business that provides oilfield services may be able to speed up cash flow by factoring invoices with us, including:

  • Equipment rentals, equipment maintenance, equipment service
  • Oil and gas industry utilities and contractors
  • Frac sand haulers, crude haulers, mud haulers, oilfield water haulers
  • Oil field excavation companies
  • Site preparation service companies
  • Rig movers, roustabouts, carriers
  • Pipeline construction, fence installers
  • Equipment haulers, pipe haulers
  • Well cleaners, location cleaners
  • Sandblasters, salt removers, hazmat haulers
  • Welders
  • Rig cleaners
  • Vacuum trucks
  • Oilfield food service companies
  • Security services – and more!


How Does the Energy, Gas and Oilfield Factoring Process Work?


Apply and we’ll work to tailor an oilfield factoring program that might be a good match to your business goals and preferences.


Go from approval to your first funding in as little as 1-2 business days — or even faster.


Get free same day advances on factored invoices to expedite cash flow and grow your business faster.

How the Energy, Gas, and Oilfield Factoring Process Works

1. Request a quick quote or receive a free invoice factoring proposal – no application, due diligence, or processing fees.

2. Get approved! Work with an energy and oilfield factoring company that understands your operation. You could go from approval to your first funding in 1-2 days (or even faster) and enjoy fast funding on factored invoices going forward.

3. Factor with fees as low as 5% (or lower, ask about volume discounts!) and advances up to 95% – often with no holdbacks – to expedite cash flow.

Assuming a factoring fee of 5% and an advance rate of 95%, here’s how it would work:

Day 1 – Generate a $6,800 client invoice and factor it
 – Same/Next Business Day Your company receives a 95% advance of $6,460
The factoring company earns a 3% factoring fee of $204
Day 30+ You stay focused on your business and we’ll wait on the customer payment!

Invoice Factoring Calculator

Use the factoring calculator below to discover how much working capital you could unlock by factoring receivables instead of waiting weeks – or months – for customers to pay you.

Find out whether factoring receivables could help your oilfield or energy business grow faster:

Energy, Gas, and Oilfield Factoring – Low Fees, Fast Advances

Working with us doesn’t cost you more, but it could help you get a factoring agreement tailored to your business needs. We offer energy, gas, and oilfield invoice factoring with:

  • Fees as low as 1%
  • Fast funding – as little as 1 business day
  • High advance rates with low holdbacks
  • No upfront fees
  • No long-term contracts
  • No factoring minimums -you choose which invoices to factor
  • No add-on or hidden fees
  • No application or due diligence fees
  • Financing without taking on debt
  • Friendly, professional customer service

Time spent waiting for customers to pay equates to time lost. Oilfield factoring solves cash flow challenges for oil and gas industry companies and contractors by giving them immediate access to the working capital tied up in unpaid customer invoices.

Access to working capital is often the only obstacle standing in the way of faster growth and profitability. Invoice factoring is a common financing tool used by professionals in the fast-paced, super-competitive oil and gas industry in order to gain immediate access to the working capital needed to sustain and grow a business.

Use Oilfield Financing to Free Up Working Capital

Oilfield invoice factoring can provide immediate access to working capital currently locked down in customer receivables. Instead of waiting weeks – or months – for your customers to pay, when you factor invoices, you can get your money on the same day you generate a customer invoice.

You can leverage this capital to solve cash flow challenges common to oil field services and contractors or free up money that could enable you to take on new or bigger clients, fulfill larger orders, reduce operating expenses, and meet business expenses more readily.

The types of oil field services that often factor invoices with us include: water haulers – roughneck crews – welding and fabrication – torque and testing equipment – riggers – swampers – frac tank builders – heavy haulers – hot-shot delivery – roustabouts – crane operators – oilfield safety services – security services – excavators – equipment installation – service and maintenance – fencing companies – and other oil and gas industry companies.