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About Corsa Finance

Corsa Finance knows that whether you’re operating in a surging or stagnant economy, one of the biggest problems business owners face is cash flow and access to capital.

  • You want to make a major asset purchase that will boost future revenue and profits.
  • You need to make payroll, but that doesn’t mean your customers pay you on time.
  • You want to take on a new client, but you need to buy raw materials before they pay you for your services.
  • If you pay your supplier today, you can take advantage of a substantial price discount.
  • Your contractors must be paid now, but you’re waiting for payment from the past deal.
  • Pre-scheduled electronic payments are coming out of your account today, but your client payments haven’t cleared your account.

Cash flow delays and lack of access to capital can keep your business from growing and thriving. Financing hurdles take  you away from growing your business. 

Need capital? Looking to speed up cash flow? Want flexible financing options?

Corsa Finance wants to provide you with cash flow and business financing solutions. We work with experienced business financing sources that provide you with the capital and cash flow you need, when you need it. It doesn’t cost you any more to submit your inquiry through Corsa Finance than to go directly to the financer, so we invite you to submit your inquiry to find out what options are available.

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