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Why Legal Staffing Agencies Might be the Next Big Thing

Over the next 10 years, new jobs in the legal industry are expected to outpace many other industries.  Legal staffing agencies that master the art of filling emerging job opportunities in the legal field can grow more quickly than the rest.

Paralegal Jobs Outlook – 15 Percent Growth Expected from 2016 to 2026

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that more than 41K new jobs for paralegals will emerge between 2016 and 2026, resulting in industry growth of nearly 15 percent. The increasingly complex nature of contracts, copyright, ownership, the idea of intellectual property in a virtual world, and other legal agreements as well as the need for expertise in forming or disentangling unions of all types ensures that the services legal firms provide will be in demand for a long time to come.

Indeed, the very complexity of laws and regulations, the erasure of easy-to-define borders inherent in a digital world and many other factors are practically creating new jobs in the legal industry. As new legal specialties emerge so will firms, lawyers and a myriad of legal support roles. While some legal firms will elect to do their own hiring, some will turn to legal staffing agencies to fill open positions on an occasional or an on-going basis.

Emerging Non-Lawyer Legal Jobs Provide Even More Opportunities for Staffing Agencies published a list of ten non-lawyer jobs that already exist in the legal field, and which they describe as “thriving.” Included on this list are:

  • E-discovery personnel (electronic discovery) staff who do research online and preserve and manage electronically stored information
  • Legal nurse consultants
  • Litigation support staff
  • Paralegals, both those that work in support of lawyers and who provide lawyer-alternative services
  • Trial consultants
  • Mediators
  • Jury consultants
  • Legal secretaries
  • Compliance Specialists
  • Court reporters

Related both to the legal field as well as law enforcement, forensic science techs, researchers and detectives also fall close to this list. In large firms, HR (human resources) directors often come from a legal background, or even possess law degrees themselves. The diversity of professional and support roles relative to these types of jobs is immense. Since demand for workers in these jobs can be expected to increase, staffing agencies that form divisions that specialize in staffing for these types of roles will be well-positioned to grow as well.

4 Ways Legal Staffing Agencies Can Increase Market Share

1. Become a helpful resource for legal firms and professionals before you start to sell.

Legal staffing firms that add value by turning their websites, social networks and email newsletters into a resource interesting to professionals in the legal profession can introduce their legal staffing services to both legal firms and prospective candidates alike. Building brand awareness by offering value in advance of asking for the sale often shortens the buying cycle and eliminates potential competitors.

2. Host networking events.

Networking events can act as mini job fairs, allowing employers to meet prospective placements in a social setting before bringing them on as temporary workers or regular employees. Since many legal jobs put individuals into direct contact with clients as well as internal staff at all organizational levels, getting a feel for how candidates may or may not fit within the organizational culture can reduce the chance that a candidate is placed somewhere they just don’t fit.

3. Offer a Unique, Beyond-the-Call-of-Duty Vetting Process

The attention to detail that is second nature to many in the legal field practically ensures that if you miss something critical in the candidate-vetting process, they are sure to discover it. When it comes to the way you recruit, interview, pre-screen and otherwise examine candidates for placement in legal jobs in your area, what can you do to make your process uniquely valuable to potential employers?

4. Partner with Schools and Students

Your legal staffing agency could ensure a steady stream of qualified, ready-to-place candidates coming out of law school and colleges who are looking for legal jobs right out of the gate by adding value and partnering with colleges, schools and other legal education programs. Hosting job fairs, sponsoring scholarships, providing guest lectures, paying for books or providing other student-amenities can all help ensure that you get first pick at emerging legal professionals and a chance to help them get their first job in the legal field.


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