Benefits of Factoring Staffing

Whether you have considered the benefits of working with staffing factoring companies previously, you are already factoring staffing invoices or you are looking for ways to speed up agency cash flow, we would be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

We offer staffing factoring services that can be tailored to your agency’s preferences and financial needs, which magnifies the benefits of factoring staffing and temp invoices even more. With details like:

  • Fee as low as 5% – ask about volume discounts!
  • Advances up to 90%
  • Fast funding
  • No long term contracts
  • No factoring minimums
  • No add-on or hidden fees
  • No application or due diligence fees

Getting a factoring proposal is easy and completely free. We can usually provide a quote for staffing factoring services in 24-48 hours (or even faster). Within just a few days, you could be improving cash flow for your temp employment or staffing company, resolving cash flow challenges and growing your business faster.

Benefits of Factoring Staffing for Cash Flow or Payroll Funding

Here’s how the factoring process works for staffing and temporary employment agencies:


Apply and we’ll show provide you with a temp employer and staffing factoring proposal that aligns with your agency’s preferences and goals.


Get answers within hours. You could go from approval to your first funding in hours!


Expedite cash flow as a payroll funding loan or as an agency cash flow management tool.

Stop chasing customer payments!

Factoring staffing and temporary employment agency invoices can lead to faster growth.

Grow Faster

Expedite Cash Flow and Grow Faster Factoring Staffing and Temp Employment Invoices

Staffing and temp agency factoring services lead to faster growth. More so than in many other industries, firms such as temporary employment and staffing agencies must lay out a considerable amount of money long before associated revenues are realized.

For instance, long before customer payments come in, an agency may have already spent a significant amount of money on advertising and marketing activities necessary for attracting job listings and candidates, on pre-employment screenings, to fund payroll on successful placements, and in meeting agency overhead and operating expenses.

Employment agencies may find cash flow depleted to the point that growth stalls while they wait for clients to remit payment on open invoices.

Low or inadequate cash flow can slow agency growth with the result being an agency which might then be unable to take on new business, cannot pursue larger, potentially more profitable client accounts, and lacks the capital needed to quickly take advantage of emerging opportunities. This problem can be further exacerbated when strategic marketing decisions are made to extend longer payment terms to staffing and temporary employment clients as a competitive advantage.

Temp agency and staffing factoring companies offer a financial tool that can immediately speed up agency cash flow, by funding client invoices as soon as they are generated. Instead of waiting weeks – or even months – for clients to pay, employment agencies that factor receivables can receive same day funding on client invoices while still extending favorable terms to their clients.

Factoring Staffing Invoice Process

Process for Factoring Staffing and Temp Employment Agency Invoices

Invoice factoring speeds up cash flow, generating the capital needed to grow more quickly. Here is an overview of how factoring staffing agency invoices works to speed up cash flow:

  1. Client services are fulfilled, and an invoice is generated. The invoice is factored for a low fee (called a factoring fee, which could be as low as 5%).
  2. The factoring company advances funds for up to 90% of the invoice amount, speeding up cash flow and enabling faster growth instead of the temp or staffing agency waiting for the client to pay.
  3. Once the customer pays the invoice, any amount held in reserve (see formula below) is also returned to the temp or staffing agency.

For instance, let’s say that a staffing agency is billing their client $5,000 for the first payroll of a new manager. When they choose to factor the invoice, the transaction might look something like this:

  • $5,000 – Invoice generated and factored
  • $4,500 – 90% advanced to agency (same or next business day)
  • $250 – 5% factoring fee
  • $250 – held in reserve and returned to agency after the invoice has been paid