Commission Advance – Real Estate Commission Factoring

What is a Commission Advance?

A commission advance is a debt-free form of cash flow financing (sometimes called real estate commission factoring) that enables you to speed up cash flow without impacting the timeline for buyers or sellers.

Realtors with a property under sale agreement may be eligible to receive a commission advance of up to 93% of the amount of commission earned  long before closing occurs by factoring the real estate commission they have earned with us. Instead of waiting on payments from a broker or title company, you can reinvest in your real estate agency and grow more quickly.

The process is simple: Apply for a real estate commission advance, and, once approved, receive funding within a few days. Use the commission advance to:

  • fund payroll
  • pay vendors on time – or early for quick-pay discounts
  • marketing and advertising
  • repairs, remodeling or expansion
  • other real estate business reinvestments
What is a Commission Advance for realtors?

How the real estate commission advance process works:

  • Day 1 - PSA

    Purchase and Sale Agreement fully signed around by sellers and buyers.

  • Day 2-3 - Funding

    Receive up to 93% commission advance funding on real estate commissions factored with us within a few days of approval.

  • Day 30-45+

    Receive any amount held in reserve when the property has closed.