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How a Real Estate Commission Advance Works

With improved cash flow you can take advantage of opportunities that you would otherwise have been unable to undertake. Take a closer look at the real estate commission advance process by comparing these two scenarios:

Typical Commission Timeline
Day 1: Earns $2,500 commission on a real estate transaction

Day 45+: Receive commission

Commission Advance Timeline
Day 1: Earns $2,500 commission on a real estate transaction and request a commission advance

Day 2 or 3: Receive $2,250 (commission amount less 10% advance fee plus holdback)

Day 45+: Receive holdback held in reserve pending commission payment

The time you spend waiting between the day you earn a commission and the day you receive it even has a name: opportunity cost. This includes opportunities you lose (any and all of the ways you could put that capital to work) while waiting on a commission payment. Factoring real estate commissions with a real estate commission advance eliminates opportunity cost, enabling you to stop waiting on payments and stay focused on what is most important for you instead.

Fast, Secure and Easy

Complete the application process and get approved for commission advances today.

real estate commission advance process

1. Apply online – it’s fast, easy and free.

what is real estate commission factoring?

2. Submit documentation electronically.

real estate commission financing

3. On approval, receive funds within 1-2 business days via wire transfer.

commission advances for realtors

4. Speed up cash flow and stay focused on building your business.

What is a Real Estate Commission Advance?

A commission advance is a financing tool that real estate agents and brokers can use to speed up cash flow and gain instant access to real estate commissions earned without waiting days, weeks or even months on payments from title and escrow or other brokers. Sometimes called real estate factoring, or real estate ecommission factoring, this financing tool can be invaluable in helping you speeding up commission payments.

How Can a Commission Advance Help Your Business?

Real Estate brokers choose commission advances when they need funds today to meet business obligations that won’t wait for payment.  Common reasons include:

  • Paying team members or contractors
  • Marketing and promotional costs to support future sales
  • Making timely federal or state self-employment or payroll tax payments
  • Upgrading or replacing computers, phones or tablets
  • Paying license or membership fees
  • Covering automobile repairs, maintenance or gas
  • Making lease, rent, or desk fee payments

Why Choose Corsa Finance for Commission Advances?

We look for reasons to say “yes!” and operate transparently with no hidden fees, including no application, due diligence or account administration fees.

  • Competitive rates – compare to published rates of up to 20% for other ecommission advance companies!
  • Fast turn-around and funding
  • Same-day approvals
  • No minimums
  • No holdbacks

And best of all, you stay in control, only requesting advances when you choose.