• Average monthly sales or amount of billing/invoice to factor

Factoring Insurance Receivables

Take control of cash flow by factoring insurance receivables – including small patient billings other healthcare factoring companies turn down!  

Get payment for medical billings sent to insurers, Medicaid and Medicare payers within 1-2 days by factoring insurance receivables instead of waiting on payments.

  • Get paid within days (or even hours) of generating an insurance billing instead of waiting weeks or months for insurance companies to pay
  • Improve your ability to meet payroll and operational expenses in a timely manner
  • Take on more patients and grow your practice faster

Speed up cash flow by factoring insurance receivables so you can grow more quickly and stop chasing payments from insurance companies and other third party healthcare payers like Medicare and Medicaid. We offer medical billing factoring to a variety of companies, including:

  • Private practices
  • Medical billing companies, coding and transcription services
  • Home care and private duty healthcare practices
  • Temporary employment and staffing agencies serving medical practices, hospitals, nurse staffing, etc.
  • Companies selling medical equipment and supplies

Factoring Insurance Receivables – Go from Factoring to Funding in Hours!


Apply to factor insurance receivables, get answers in hours!


Submit insurance receivables the same day they are generated.


Realize payment on submitted claims in 1-2 business days (or even faster).

Insurance Receivables Factoring Calculator

Enter the amount of your average monthly insurance billings (or the amount you would like to factor) into the field below. The factoring calculator will show you how much money could be immediately accessed and available to your business.

Claims submitted to private health insurance companies and public insurance such as Medicare and Medicaid can take weeks or months to be paid. Even the simplest of errors could result in a delay in payment.

By factoring insurance receivables, you can eliminate the wait on payment from insurers. This enables you to stay focused and gives you the ability to better align revenues with expenses, such as payroll and hiring costs.

Who Can Factor Insurance Receivables?

Nearly any type of agency that is able to directly bill health care insurers can factor insurance receivables. This includes entities such as hospitals, doctors and other medical professionals, medical staffing agencies, medical suppliers, home health care providers, temporary nurse agencies, transcription services, and more.

The process is simple:

  1. Generate an insurance claim for services rendered or items sold
  2. Factor the claim and receive an advance from 85-95% of the face amount of the billing in 1-2 business days
  3. Receive any additional amount held in reserve once the insurance company has remitted payment

For instance, if you have a claim of $1,700 to submit to insurance for services or goods and you want to access revenue without waiting weeks on the insurance company, assuming a factoring fee of 5%, and an advance rate of 95%, here’s how it would work:

Day 1 – Factor a $1,700 insurance claim
 – 0-2 Business Days Get access to 95% advance of $1,615 by wire transfer or ACH
Factoring company earns 5% factoring fee of $85
Day 30 – 60 – 90+ Insurer remits payment of the claim

Request more information about factoring insurance receivables:

  • Average monthly sales or amount of billing/invoice to factor

Apply to Factor Insurance Receivables

Contact us at 855-882-6772 or fill out our online application.

Stop waiting weeks – or months on payments from insurance companies. Take advantage of our factoring services to unlock the money that is tied up in unpaid insurance claims within hours of billing. In addition to competitive rates, when you choose Corsa Finance:

  • No monthly or dollar amount minimums or maximums  
  • Factor only when you choose
  • Spot factoring and microfactoring
  • Factoring with low and usually no hold-backs
  • Fast approvals and funding

Waiting for insurance companies to pay health care claims can take weeks or even months, creating a revenue gap that can negatively impact your ability to meet payroll, pay your taxes on time or may leave you unable to pay for other expenses in a timely manner.

Conversely, by factoring insurance receivables you can speed up cash flow and improve your ability to budget and plan. Factoring can even help your business save money, by generating the working capital you need to take advantage of supplier fast-pay discounts.

If your agency is able to directly bill insurance companies, medicare or medicaid, you may be able to factor these claims. Instead of waiting for insurers to wade through all of the verifications, approvals and red tape, you’ll realize payment of up to 95 percent of the billing amount within 24-48 hours (or even faster).

Small dollar amounts welcome! We provide funding for smaller dollar amount receivables that many factoring companies won’t consider, but we are also able to factor large billings. Apply online or give us a quick call to find out more.