• Average monthly sales or amount of invoice to factor

Staffing Payroll Factoring Services

Invoice factoring offers a fast, easy solution that expedites cash flow for payroll financing and growth for staffing agencies.

  1. Simply apply and get a free, no-obligation proposal for staffing payroll factoring services.
  2. Once approved to factor, go from approval to your first funding in as little as 24-48 hours — or even faster.

Factor only when you choose – no minimums. With fees as low as 5% (or ask about volume discounts) and competitive advances, this becomes a truly effective payroll loan financing tool.

Speed Up Cash Flow

Payroll factoring enables temp employment and staffing agencies to unlock working capital immediately, instead of waiting on client payments.


Tell us about your temp employment or staffing agency and we’ll provide you with options tailored to your business needs.


Go from approval to your first funding in as little as 24-48 hours — or even faster; factor only when you choose.


Turn expedited cash flow into growth and competitive advantages.

Staffing Factoring Fees and Advances

We offer staffing payroll factoring rates that are among the best in the industry. Temporary employment and staffing agencies can get factoring services with:

  • Factoring rates as low as 5% – or ask about volume discounts!
  • Competitive factoring and payroll funding advances
  • No monthly minimums – factor staffing agency invoices only when you choose
  • Non-recourse staffing factoring – add financial protections without paying more
  • Non-notification factoring – white labeled to enhance your brand
  • No long- term contracts – stay in control so you can do what’s best for your agency
  • No hidden fees or add-on fees that jack-up the real costs of factoring
  • Credit checks on your customers
  • No application or due diligence fees

We believe that when you compare the terms of our staffing factoring and staffing payroll funding agreements, you’ll find that our program stacks up favorably to most – if not all. In addition, we deliver these services with a consistently high level of customer service through knowledgeable account managers who understand your agency’s needs and preferences.

We want to help your agency grow from where you are today, to where you want to be tomorrow.

Even if you are already factoring, we would be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for staffing factoring and staffing payroll factoring services for comparison so that you can be sure you have the program that is best-suited for helping you grow your agency.

Get a free, no-obligation quote for staffing factoring or staffing payroll funding solutions by completing the quick quote form below or applying online.

Invoice Factoring vs. Staffing Payroll Factoring

Is Staffing Payroll Factoring Different than Invoice Factoring?

Some factoring companies differentiate between staffing factoring and staffing payroll factoring services; however, the only real difference lies in how the agency chooses to use factoring as a financing tool.

One reason Factors may offer financing with this distinction could lie in contractual terms where they require that an agency factor monthly minimums or factor all customer invoices, even if it’s not in the agency’s best interest to do so.

We can provide you with factoring services that don’t differentiate between staffing invoice factoring and staffing payroll factoring, with factoring services that keep you in control:

  • No factoring minimums
  • No long term contracts

We want our clients to be free to do what they feel is in the best interest of their agency. Get a free, no-risk staffing factoring proposal by applying online. Get answers in 24-48 hours (or even faster) and find out how staffing payroll factoring could benefit your agency.

Low Fees and Competitive Advances

Factoring at some of the best rates in the industry.

Staffing agencies often spend several, if not many thousands of dollars on advertising, recruiting and paying placed workers weeks or months ahead of customer payments. Staffing payroll factoring enables you to leverage receivables to speed up cash flow, so that your revenues are more aligned with expenses.

Find out how much working capital you could unlock immediately by factoring invoices on the same day they are generated, instead of waiting weeks — or months — for customer payments.

Take the next step and request a free, no-obligation quote for receivables financing – you could go from approval to your first funding in hours.

  • Average monthly sales or amount of invoice to factor